Give your car a boost!


The fastest Pinewood Derby racers know aerodynamics play a crucial role in crossing the finish line first.  Turbo fenders make it easy to give your car a quick aero advantage over the competition!  These are durable but incredibly light with the HyperLite version weighing LESS THAN 4 GRAMS (0.14 ounces) for the WHOLE set!  Turbo Fenders come in white and can be easily painted or colored with marker. 


The Turbo Fenders - Rail Rider/Runner are designed specifically for cars that ride the rail using a bent front axle or with steer drilled into the body as well as canted rear wheels.  The fenders match the contours created by the canted rears and front wheel tilted for steer!


The Turbo Fenders - Rail Rider/Runner come in two options:

  • Plug-n-Play –  Weighing less than 8.5 grams (.29 oz), take the fenders out of the package and glue them on the car.  It’s that easy!
  • HyperLite – Manufactured from new, cutting edge material and weighing under 4 grams (.14 oz), these fenders are less than half the weight of the Plug-n-Play version.  This allows the racer to place the weight savings in the optimal location on their car!  The HyperLite fenders need a small amount of finishing (sanding) by the racer to achieve their full potential. 


Package contains:

1 - Set (6 pieces total) of Turbo Fenders - Rail Rider/Runner

1 - Set of detailed instructions


Turbo Fenders - Rail Rider/Runner