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Champion Pinewood Derby Car
"Back to back Overall District Champion! 3peat Den, Pack and District Den Champion. This build featured Turbo Derby Fenders and we utilized the Turbo Jig Hybrid for axle placement.....thank you for making this happen with your quality workmanship!"
- Ken H.
Northfield, NJ 
Winning Pinewood Derby car and trophy
"We discovered Turbo Derby this year, and built our fastest car ever. We used the Turbo jig, fenders, air shields, wheel chucks, axle bender, axle groove cutter, and even the jewelers loop! So far, this car won the local Police Department race and Pack race by a landslide!  We then went on to win First Place in Den and Overall and the District race!"
- Cooper and Zach J.
Monroe, NC
Customer Testamonial
Champion Pinewood Derby Car
"For over 60 years, I have been making pinewood derby cars…..during this time, I have made or helped make well over a thousand cars. The number of trophies earned is in the hundreds.  This year I decided to buy a Turbo Derby Jig and have not been happier!   This year I used it exclusively and I am happy to report almost 100% trophy success!  In my granddaughter’s race, I worked on 10 of the 126 cars helping other racers. Using the Turbo Derby jig on each of the 10 cars, 8 of the 10 made the final 12 racers. Of the final 6 racers, all 6 were drilled using my Turbo Derby Jig. The trophies were awarded for 1st through 6th place. Every winner was a Turbo Derby jig endorsement!”
- Lee D.
La Grange Park, IL
Champion Pinewood Derby Car Trophies
Winning Pinewood Derby car and trophy
"We used Turbo Chucks and a set of Turbo Fenders to secure 1st place in our Pack Championship!"
- Fraser L.
Newark, DE 

Winning Pinewood Derby cars and trophies
"Four cars and 3 district finishes (1st, 1st, 2nd)!  Thanks so much to Turbo Derby and their products and more importantly their outstanding customer service.  Turbo Derby's input and products helped hone our cars to perform at their best. Highly recommend their knowledge and products!"
- Dan L.
Burke, VA
Scout using Turbo Derby tools
"My son enjoyed racing in Scouts so much now he builds and races cars in a racing league where he dominates his division using Turbo Derby tools!"
- David S.
Jupiter, FL
Winning Pinewood Derby car and trophy
"Out of 150 cars we took first place in both the Scout and adult division!  We used the Turbo Jig to drill and align the cars.  The Turbo Chucks made sanding and polishing the wheels a breeze.  The Turbo Fenders were easy to install and gave us a real advantage over the competition!"
- Bernie K.
Huntersville, NC
Winning Pinewood Derby car and trophy
Winning Pinewood Derby car and trophy
"We took 1st in age group and 2nd at district using Turbo Derby products. Turbo Derby is super helpful and knowledgeable about making a fast car. Their products are made with care and quality. Highly recommend Turbo Derby!"
- Thomas C.
Tremont, IL
Winning Pinewood Derby car and trophy
"We took first in both Bears and the Pack Championship!  Turbo Derby's tools and techniques really make a difference!"
- Lennon K.
Cornelius, NC
Winning Pinewood Derby cars and trophies
"Thank you Turbo Derby for another successful Pinewood Derby weekend. Both boys took 1st place in their ranks (Tiger & Webelos) and we brought home 1st and 2nd place in the Pack championship race. We used the Turbo Chucks for the first time this year and it made the wheel prep process super easy for the boys to do themselves. Keep up the great work!"
- Scott K.
Burlington, MA
Winning Pinewood Derby car and trophy
"We used several Turbo Derby products including the Turbo Jig, Wheel Chucks, Axle Bender, Speed Wheels and Air Shields to make the fastest car we've had yet!"
- Mitchell S.
Charlotte, NC
Winning Pinewood Derby car with trophies
"Another successful race day thanks to Turbo Derby. The only wheel chuck & pot system I’ve seen. Almost effortless.  We will be using this system to prep our cars for Mid-America & NPWDRL. Thank You Turbo Derby!"
- Speed Miller & Jupiter Derby
Jupiter, FL
"First place and undefeated in 11 races! Also got coolest design award!"
- Robbi P.
Thompson, ND
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