1981 began the first phase of my Pinewood Derby career.  As a nine-year old, I had just finished building a Pinewood Derby car and had come in second in the Royal Ambassadors State Championship. Phase two started in 2019 when my son brought home a Pinewood Derby kit from his Cub Scout troop.  What started as a “we’ll just spend a few hours on it” turned into an all-out obsession as several hobbies (RC aircraft modeling, 3D printing, machining, CAD, and CNC routing) all collided and the need for speed was reborn!  Many Pack, District, Council and Pro races later the obsession is still there, culminating in Turbo Derby!! 


Through the countless hours my son and I have spent building Scout cars and the challenges presented by professional league racing, I’ve learned what it takes to build fast cars and have developed tools and techniques to help do just that!

I enjoy talking about Pinewood Derby cars as much as I do building and racing them, so feel free to reach out to me anytime!



  • 2020 National Pinewood Derby Racing League Rookie of the Year

  • Multiple 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishes

  • Association of Pinewood Racers Track Record

  • Current National Ranking:  8