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Want to make a FAST
Pinewood Derby Car?

Learn how from the FASTEST Racers in the WORLD FOR FREE!!

Free Pinewood Derby eBook cover

Download our FREE eBook to see how the fastest Pinewood Derby Racers in the world build and race their cars.  Learn how to adapt these techniques to youth organization races like Cub Scouts and Awana!

Inside you'll learn how to build the fastest Pinewood Derby Car.  Learn about the 3 foundations of Speed and the 5 Keys to a Fast Car!  Step-by-step instructions take you through the entire building process!  Learn how to prepare the fastest Wheels and Axles.  Learn how to properly distribute the weight in your car and achieve proper balance.  Gain an edge by focusing on your car's alignment and aerodynamics!  Finally, learn techniques to pull the maximum speed from your car!  Included are Pinewood Derby car designs and templates used by professional racers.  Inside is everything you need to know to dominate your race!  Download FREE today!!

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