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Axle Bending

The fastest Pinewood Derby cars steer slightly into the center rail.  This helps to stabilize the car and guard against the dreaded, speed-killing wiggles.  This is accomplished using a precisely bent axle on the front wheel. 


There are currently several options on the market to bend the axles, though none of them are ideal.  One option uses a hammer to bend the axle between two blocks of steel, this can damage a polished axle and the adjustment of the bend angle is limited.


A second option allows for different bend angles, however, the ability to bend multiple angles with the same tool is difficult as it is not capable of precise, repeatable adjustments.  Plus, this option can be rather expensive.

Pinewood Derby bent axle
Don't use a hammer to bend Pinewood Derby axles
Don't use hammer to bend Pinewood Derby axles





Can damage the critical surfaces

Not adjustable

Not precise or repeatable


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