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Introducing Turbo Axles!


CNC Machined from military-grade stainless steel; these axles will turbocharge your Pinewood Derby Car!  Turbo Axles are Optimized for both stock and modified/aftermarket wheels!


Features include:

  • Perfectly straight AND round (unlike stock BSA axles)
  • Grooved shaft with small journals to minimize impact of wheel bore imperfections
  • Can be polished to a MUCH better finish than stock axles
  • Journals at the optimal location for maximum stability
  • Journals are .094” in diameter, with today’s wheels having larger bores; this maximizes stability
  • Shaft that enters the car is .090” in diameter
  • Underneath of axle head is slightly tapered to minimize contact with the outer hub
  • Bending groove for rail riding setups
  • Rounded tip to avoid damage to wheel bores (stock axles and other aftermarket axles do not have this)
  • Thicker head allows for deeper tuning groove



- Tuning groove cut in one or all four axles!


Package contains:

Four (4) Turbo Axles

Turbo Axles



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