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NOTE: These fenders are designed specifically for the Street Stock Class in Professional League Racing!  They are NOT intended for Scout or other amateur races.


Pricing (discounts for multiples of three):
3 sets = $60 (use coupon code “FENDERS” at check out)
6 sets = $120 (use coupon code “FENDERS” at check out)
9 sets = $180 (use coupon code “FENDERS” at check out) etc.


Take your Street Stock to the next level while eliminating all of the extensive time and tedious effort shaping your fenders out of balsa!  These fenders are constructed from an extremely light, but tough, cutting-edge material.  Coming in at LESS THAN 5 grams (0.17 ounces) for the ENTIRE SET there is finally a superior alternative to balsa. Following the exact contours of the wheel paths from front to back these fenders will maximize your aerodynamic advantage!


Turbo Derby Street Stock fenders were designed utilizing the following parameters:

  • Wheel size – 1.10” diameter
  • Tread Widths – 7.5mm
  • Rear Hubs – flush with tread edge
  • Washer and air shield combined thickness - .050”
  • Lifted wheel – PineCar at 1.03” diameter, 7.5mm width
  • Constant car body width from front to back
  • DFW inset of .050-.060"


The fenders require a small amount of finishing (sanding) to smooth their surfaces and ready them for racing.  The material sands easily and takes both paint and permanent marker with no problems.


Package contains:

1 - Set (4 pieces total) of Turbo Fenders - Street Stock



Turbo Fenders - Street Stock



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