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Package contains:

1 - Turbo Jig ULTIMATE

1 - #43 (0.089") HSS drill bit

1 - Set of detailed instructions


Designed for maximum flexibility, the Turbo Jig ULTIMATE is the most versatile drill jig on the market! With 16 hardened tool steel bushings, the Turbo Jig ULTIMATE can drill three different wheelbase lengths with straight front holes OR built-in steer!

The Turbo Jig ULTIMATE is set up for rail riding/running and is ideal for racers who may race with different rule sets (i.e., Pack, then District) where one set may allow for bent axles, and the other may not. Use the straight bushings to drill a straight front hole to allow for a bent steer axle. Or use the steer side bushings to drill the car with a preset amount of camber and toe on the front wheel to achieve a steer amount of approximately 5 inches over 4 feet.

The Turbo Jig ULTIMATE can drill wheelbases of 4.375 (stock BSA block), 4.75, and 5.0 inches!   The ULTIMATE Jig also comes with an integrated clamp, ensuring the block is firmly in place while drilling!


The Turbo Jig ULTIMATE Features include:

  • 16 hardened tool steel drill bushings
  • Designed for building rail riding/running cars
  • Drill both straight AND built-in steer (camber and toe) front axle hole
  • Drill 4.375 (stock), 4.75, and 5.0-inch wheelbases without moving the block!
  • Removable clamp
  • Geometry for perfect alignment (rear axles, fore/aft, side to side) built into the jig
  • Integrated gauge to ensure correct bend amount in the front axle for rail riding (if not using the built-in steer option)
  • Checks fore/aft and side-to-side alignment
  • Non-dominant (left side) front axle holes 0.01” higher than dominant (right) side front wheels to ensure non-dominant wheel does not contact the track.


PLEASE NOTE: Practically none of the stock axles are straight, and the heads are often not square to the shaft. This will affect how much the car steers. It is advisable to check the steer of the car when using the built-in steer option on the Turbo Jig ULTIMATE. Rotating both the steer wheel axle, AND the rear axles will change how much the car steers. Tune these until you reach the desired steer amount.








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