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Package contains:

1 - Turbo Jig XL - Hybrid

1 - #43 (0.089") HSS drill bit

1 - Set of detailed instructions




This version of the Turbo Jig XL includes an additional bushing so the racer can drill their steer wheel straight, or with steer built in. This version of the Turbo Jig XL is ideal for racers who may race with different rule sets (i.e. Pack, then District) where one set may allow for bent axles, and the other may not. Use the front bushing to drill a straight hole. Use the middle bushing to drill the car with a preset amount of camber and toe on the front wheel in order to achieve a steer amount of approximately 5 inches over 4 feet.


PLEASE NOTE: Practically none of the stock axles are straight, and the heads are often not square to the shaft. This will affect how much the car steers. It is advisable to check the steer of the car when using the built-in steer option on the Turbo Jig XL - Hybrid. Rotating both the steer wheel axle, AND the rear axles will change how much the car steers. Tune these until you reach the desired steer amount.


The secret to a truly FAST Pinewood Derby car is alignment.  Without proper alignment your Pinewood Derby car will not reach its full potential.


There are three key areas on the car that must be precisely placed/arranged to achieve perfect alignment, and therefore minimizing speed-killing friction.  They are:


  • Rear wheels at a 3 degree angle (camber) and precisely parallel to each other, and perpendicular to the car body.  Without this the rear wheels will be in either a toe-in, or toe out position, leading to a significant amount of friction.
  • The front and rear of the car at the same height from the track.  This can be difficult to obtain due to the angle of the front steering wheel coupled with the optimal amount of steer for stability.  Otherwise the height of the front of the car will induce either a toe-in, or toe-out position on the rear wheels.
  • The front steering wheel must be inset a specific amount into the body to ensure that the rear wheels are placed equidistant over the center rail.  Otherwise the rear wheels will be going down the track slightly sideways causing speed-killing friction.


These key items can be difficult to nearly impossible to achieve with the current options available.  The Turbo Jig is the ONLY device on the market that addresses these three key areas!  Until now perfect alignment was achieved through a significant amount of time-consuming trial and error combined with a healthy amount of luck. 


Using an extremely detailed and accurate 3D model of a Pinewood Derby Car, the optimal location for the axle holes, offset of the front side of the body, and bend of the steering axle where determined to a high level of precision.  These precise measurements have been integrated into the Turbo Jig!



Turbo Jig XL - Hybrid



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