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Complete your Aerodynamic quest for speed with Turbo Shields!


Turbo Shields attach to the side of the car and sit in the wheel cavity. They do not contact the wheel but keep air from entering the back of the wheel and creating drag. They are super easy to install and come with a spacer/install tool to make sure they're placed precisely in the correct location!


There are two Turbo Shield options. Some race rules require the lettering inside the wheels to be visible. For these races the window option has an opening that can be covered with clear packing tape allowing the lettering to be fully visible, while still receiving the full benefit of the shields! For those races without this rule, the solid (no window) option can be used!


Turbo Shields – Rail Rider are designed for rail riding/running cars.  The shields match the tilt (or cant) of all four wheels in a rail riding setup where the front right is the steer wheel, the front left is lifted and the rear wheels are canted at 3 degrees.


Package contains:

1 - Set (4 pieces total) of Turbo Shields - Rail Rider

2 - Spacer/installation guides

1 - Set of detailed instructions

Turbo Shields - Rail Rider



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