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Do you want your car on the top of the podium?  If the answer is yes, then the wheels are where you need to focus your attention!  Proper wheel preparation is crucial for top speed!


There are five areas on a Pinewood Derby wheel that you must polish for a car to reach its maximum potential.  They are:  Tread, Tread Edge, Outer Hub, Inner Hub, and Bore.  Preparing wheels without the proper tools and techniques can be tricky.  However, with a Wheel Preparation Kit from Turbo Derby, professional league quality wheels are easily obtainable!!


Don't forget to pick up a set of Turbo Chucks for holding the wheels in a power drill during preparation!!


The Turbo Derby Wheel Preparation Kit includes the following:
- One (1) bottle of Turbo Wheel Polish #1
- One (1) bottle of Turbo Wheel Polish #2
- One (1) bottle of Turbo Wheel Wax/Sealer
- One (1) microfiber polishing cloth
- Four (4) wax/sealer applicators
- Eight (8) bore polishing implements (are double tipped, so when cut in half, yield 16 bore tools)
- Twenty (20) cotton swabs
- One (1) stainless steel bore burnishing pin
- Four (4) pieces of 1000 grit abrasive paper
- One (1) 15-foot length of synthetic polishing cord
- One (1) 1-foot length of microfiber thread
- One (1) set of detailed instructions on how to prepare professional, league-quality wheels!



Turbo Wheel Prep Kit

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