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Weight placement is crucial to a fast Pinewood Derby Car!  Maximize your weight distribution using tungsten cubes.  At over 1.7 times more dense/heavier than lead, and measuring only .25”x.25”x.25”, these cubes give the racer significant flexibility when weighting and balancing their car.  The ability to tightly concentrate the weight results in faster, more stable cars!  Tungsten is non-toxic and environmentally friendly and can be handled safely by racers young and old.


For maximum speed remove as much wood weight as possible from the car and place 12 tungsten cubes behind the rear axle and 12 right in front of it. Use a scale and set of Turbo Pucks to fine tune your car's balance and weight distribution!  Digital Scale with Turbo Pucks


Package Contains:

12 - Tungsten Cubes (2.0 oz total)

12 Tungsten Weights - 2.0 Ounces Total



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