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Need more SPEED?


If your rules don’t prohibit wheel modification, then a set of Turbo Speed Wheels can get you down the track even faster than stock wheels!


Precision machined from official BSA wheels by a nationally ranked professional Pinewood Derby Racer! 


Turbo Speed Wheels have the following features:

  • All wheels from the same mold for consistency (AKA:  mold matched)
  • A 10-20x decrease in both radial AND lateral runout
  • ALL surfaces contacting the axle AND track machined concentric to the wheel bore
  • The double step from the outer hub removed reducing contact with the axle head
  • The inner hub tapered reducing contact with the car body
  • Both inner and outer tread edges sharpened to reduce contact surface with the track
  • Weigh 2.3-2.4 grams each
  • 1.165-1.170 inches in diameter
  • All official lettering remains on the inside and outside of the wheel


To get the most speed out of your wheels prepare them with a Turbo Derby Wheel Prep Kit!


Package includes:

- 4 Turbo BSA Speed Wheels (black)

Turbo Speed BSA Wheels (set of 4)



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