These full or "plank" fenders are the fastest design available!  Take your Scout car to the ultimate level while eliminating all of the extensive time and tedious effort shaping your fenders out of wood!  These fenders are constructed from an extremely light, but tough, cutting-edge material.  Coming in at LESS THAN 5.5 grams (0.19 ounces) for the entire set there is finally a superior alternative to balsa.  Following the exact contours of the wheel paths from front to back these fenders will maximize your aerodynamic advantage!


The fenders require a small amount of finishing (sanding) to smooth their surfaces and ready them for racing.  The material sands easily and takes both paint and permanent marker with no problems.


PLEASE NOTE: Installation of full or "plank" type fenders can be more challenging than traditional X style fenders (such as the standard, non Pro, Turbo Deby Rail Rider/Runner fenders) and are therefore recommended for experienced builders/racers.


Package contains:

1 - Set (4 pieces total) of Turbo Fenders - Rail Rider/Runner FULL

1 - Set of detailed instructions



Turbo Fenders - Rail Rider/Runner FULL