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Pinewood Derby drill tool

The three key alignment items can be difficult to nearly impossible to achieve with the current options available. Until now perfect alignment was achieved through a significant amount of time-consuming trial and error combined with a healthy amount of luck. The Turbo Jig is the ONLY device on the market that addresses these three key areas!


Pinewood Derby patent pending tool

The Turbo Jig is used to drill the axle holes in precisely the correct location for perfect alignment!

Key Alignment #1 - Rear Wheels

Key Alignment #2 - Fore/Aft

Key Alignment #3 - Side to Side

Using an extremely detailed 3D model of a Pinewood Derby Car, the optimal location for the axle holes (front and rear), offset of the side of the body, and bend of the steering axle were determined to a high level of precision!  These precise measurements have been integrated into the Turbo Jig!

A car built using the Turbo Jig will be nearly UNBEATABLE!

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