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Pinewood Derby League Racing

Updated: Sep 8

Racing can certainly be addictive. If the Race Team finds they want to race more and strive to build faster cars, Pinewood Derby® league racing is an excellent opportunity to do so. You will be racing against the fastest racers in the country. You will get beat at first, but you will also learn quite a lot!

To learn how to build truly fast cars, you must race against truly fast racers!

Here is the Professional National League:

Association of Pinewood Racers (APR):

APR runs 6-8 races per year with a point system and a Championship at the end of the season. There are trophies and prize money for winners. There are multiple classes with different rules for each. The racer can enter as many cars in whatever category they choose. The racer builds their car(s) and mails them to the race location; the race is streamed live on YouTube. The cars are sent back to the racer to make any needed adjustments to improve for the next race. The same car can be raced multiple times, even over multiple seasons; building a new car for each race is not required. Experienced racers are always happy to help a new racer improve!

Here is a snippet of a League Race:

PRO RACER TIP FROM Reece Racing: League racing is a great way to learn how to build faster cars for Scouts!


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