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Pinewood Derby Rules

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Most Pinewood Derby kits come with a set of basic rules. However, practically every BSA Pack, District, and Council (and racing league) will have its own regulations that supersede the rules in the box. Therefore, the rules can vary significantly between organizations, so familiarize yourself with them. Also, remember that rules are often open to interpretation and may be perceived differently by a Race Team and race officials. If in doubt, ask your organizer for clarification on any points of confusion. League racers approach the rules from the standpoint that if the rules don’t expressly prohibit something, then it is allowed. However, this may not be how your race officials will view things, and they will have the final say. Your officials may take the view that the rules expressly state what is allowed rather than what isn’t.

Some of the tips and techniques in these articles MAY NOT meet your specific set of rules. So again, if in doubt, ask, or at least be prepared to make changes on race day!

Examples of Pinewood Derby rules


Articles in this series (click to read):

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