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These official BSA axles have been machined on a lathe to remove the burrs and crimpmarks as well as taper the head, eliminating hours of work!  As the Mark Rober Pinewood Derby YouTube video mentions, these axles are polished and bent to 2.5 degrees! Mark concluded that rail riding is one of the keys to derby victory.


On the fastest Pinewood Derby cars both rear axles are canted so the wheels will migrate away from the car body to eliminate wheel-to-body friction and increase speed.  This canting can be accomplished by either drilling the rear axle holes at an angle using a drill fixture (like the Turbo Jig) or bending the axles.  The dominant front axle (or steering axle) is also bent so that you can easily adjust the alignment of the car to either roll perfectly straight or turn into the rail, significantly improving stability and speed.  These super fast axles are already polished and bent so that you can quickly and easily install and blow the doors off the competition!


Bent axles are used in rail rider setups where only three wheels touch the track.  Therefore, this set comes with three (3) polished and bent official BSA axles, and one bent (but unpolished) official BSA axle.  


Make sure to grab a set of lightened wheels (if allowed by your rules); as Mark points out, these are one of the main factors contributing to Pinewood Derby speed!


If you prefer to polish and bend axles yourself, a Turbo Bender and Turbo Axle Polish Kit are the best options on the market!!


Package contains:

Three (3) polished and bent official BSA axles

One (1) unpolished and bent official BSA axle for lifted wheel

Polished and bent OFFICIAL BSA axles



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