CNC cut from Official BSA Blocks!


These bodies are cut from actual BSA blocks. This makes them legal in practically every Scout Pinewood Derby race! Coming in at approximately 5/16 in thickness these bodies slice through the air maximizing speed with a low aerodynamic profile, also known as "thin to win"! Additionally, with over 75% of the wood weight removed from the block the racer can optimize their weight placement, increasing speed!  With large weight pockets the racer can maximize the cars potential energy and fine tune the balance using tungsten cube weights (available here on Turbo Derby!)


These bodies come in two options:

1) 4.75 inch Wheelbase

2) 5.0 inch Wheelbase


PLEASE NOTE: The weight pockets are approximately .26" deep and are designed for weights of that thickness or less. Additionally, the bodies come flat with the same thickness across its length. To maximize speed, the racer will need to shape/sand the nose to a point. If desired, Turbo Derby can do this for you as an option (see below).



- Shape the nose to a point

- Heavy duty adhesive to hold the weights in their pockets and thick foil tape to cover them. Turbo Derby will apply two-sided, heavy-duty adhesive in the weight pockets. Simply remove the protective backing and install your weights. A strip of thick foil tape is supplied so the racer can cover the weights once they are installed in the car.

Car Bodies - Extended Wheelbase